There is an increasing awareness for people with allergies but still it is sometimes quite difficult to find good recipes for foods that adhere to people’s dietary restrictions. My wife and mother-in-law have started a new blog to which they plan to post recipes for those of us that are unable to eat certain foods, tips and tricks, substitutions and other information. It is currently in its infancy but there is already an excellent recipe posted. Swing on by and take a look:


was going to be grilled pork loin but I got side tracked and instead I had:

1 dill pickle
2 slices of bread (one with margerine)
Tostitos with fresh hummus
1 slice of fresh cherry pie

Oh well… it happens I guess.

I wanted to try to figure out how to make a wallet and studied my wallet for ideas. With a decent idea as to how I would put the wallet together I cut out the pieces that I would need. I ended up making several discoveries along the way while assembling the pieces that I cut out that would make the construction of the wallet much, much easier but with pieces already cut I went ahead and put one together. This is what I ended up with:

One unfortunate thing about the bit of cash in the first and second pictures: I just had to trade it with a local heating and aire company for a new blower fan for the furnace unit in my house. Oh well… at least the wallet turned out pretty decent.

As far as this blog is concerned I have fallen off the grid lately. A few friends and I started up a photography blog in an attempt to have us provide more time for a hobby that we all enjoy. It seems as though nowadays  we have a tendency to let things that we want and enjoy doing get pushed to the side for other things. This little blog has given us all a venue to post pictures for each other to see. If you would like to see any of the pictures we have posted feel free to take a gander at:

Now that I have let you know where I have been it is time to post here. Recently my wife and I purchased a sewing/embroidery machine. I searched Etsy for some sewing patterns and found some good sewing patterns designed by sewingwithme3. I chose one of her patters to get me started and this weekend I sewed my first project since the seventh grade. Here are some pictures of the final product:

Next time I will use a bobbin thread that is closer to the color of the bag lining, but for my first project I think it turned out pretty well.

In October a local sculpture park and arts center posted a call for entries for a show called Glow (click here for more info) and my friend Jen and I decided to work together to take and enter some photographs. We entered four photographs and this one made it in!

I was converting some of my photographs to black and white and these were the ones that Sarah and I liked best. Enjoy!

The subject of this image is a Red-Winged Blackbird taken at the Savannah Wildlife Refuge located just above the border of Georgia into South Carolina. This was one of the happy mistakes that I have mentioned before. I didn’t mean to get such a nice silhouette. Just before taking this photograph I was taking pictures facing the opposite direction where it was much brighter and my shutter was set too fast. Straight out of the camera this photograph had just a small hint of color on the wing and just a smudge of green from the trees and I don’t really miss the color.

Bird Silhouette

These next two photographs were taken from our summer trip to St. Croix. While we were there we decided to go to the St. Croix Botanical Garden. I tried to take some pictures of birds while there but they were not very cooperative. Instead I took more pictures of things that stayed still. Some I liked many of the pictures from the garden but these two looked good in black and white.

STX Botanical Garden Bridge

STX Botanical Garden Leaf

Playing around with the new TV last night and set it up to play our Pandora radio stations. Just for fun I set up a station of Spanish music. I was listening to this new station with Sarah and one of the songs that played was “Clase de Amor” by Juanes and in the song he said the word cama. The conversation after went something like this…

K: I think that means bed.
S: What?
K: Cama.
S: <making motion in the air of a comma>
K: No not comma, cama. I think cama means bed . <looked it up on; Yep.
S: So if comma is bed then is apostrophe bunk bed?

Just thought it was funny and wanted to share since I haven’t posted anything in a while.